Slot Machines Around The World

Las Vegas is the city most known throughout the world for  slot machines located inside of magical and lively casinos. Though we expect slot machines in Vegas, and in America, they’re all over the world. They’re not the same everywhere either, it’s interesting really, the various slot games you’ll find all around the world.

In Britain slot machines are be found in clubs, arcades and pubs. The machines have names such as fruit machines or AWP which stands for amusement with prizes. They’re even referred to as Pokies.  The slot machines have three or six reels with fruit emblems; similar to the American slot machines the reels spin and if the winning combination lands then you have won.

Slot machines in Britain are different in that they offer extra elements with trails and added games. This gives the player more chances to win additional money, but there are limits to how much can be won. The most a machine will pay out depends on the kind of machine it is and where it is located, however a general maximum is £25. These types of slot machines are played in other countries which include the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

In 1985 Canada allowed the provincial governments to implement gambling machines such as slot machines. The city of Winnipeg opened the first casino called the Crystal Casino in 1989 and video lottery terminals or VLTs, these are much the same as slot machines, the difference is that a VLT is pre-programmed to a set number of payouts and the amount that is won is random, they are like a computer version of lottery scratch and win tickets. These machines are set up in places like bowling alleys.

Japan has embraced slot machine type gambling, after World War II a game called Pachinko was invented in Nagoya. They are a slot and pinball machine in one and are widely available in Japan businesses named pachinko parlors. The player buys steel balls and puts them into the machine, when these gambling machines first appeared; the machine used a bar and would fire the balls separately, like a pinball machine. Currently the Pachinko machines use a round control that maneuvers the speed that the balls are fired; they are then dropped through pins and have the opportunity to fall into areas which wins more balls.

Newer machines have been added, a slot machine called Pachislo, in which a player wins from the slot matches. The player wins additional balls in this game as well; the balls or winnings may be used to continue playing or exchanged for prizes. Japanese law states that cash is not allowed as a payout, however most Pachinko parlors offer cash trades for the prizes that are won. Japanese slot machines offer odds of winning from 90% up to 160% and depending on a player’s skill level they may be able increase their odds up to 200%.

Ireland allows gambling and has slot machines called Random and Reflex machines. Random machines are unpredictable for payouts, reflex machines payout around 80%. These are located in pubs, cafes, and arcades. Slot machines in Ireland are a lot like those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City with original reel machines, multi-line machines and interactive slots.

Switzerland has slot machines similar to Ireland. A popular casino in Switzerland is the Montreux Casino which was built in 1881.

In Australia gambling has become very popular, the slot machines are referred to as poker machines or pokies and the official term is Gaming Machines. Slot machines in Australia are video style and have five reels. They use added on bonuses and additional screens which offer free and bonus games. They allow multiple line play depending on how many coins the player gambles. These can go up to 50 lines or multiple ways including diagonal which can be won up to 243 ways.

Slot machines are played in casinos with there being one casino in every major city. They are also located in pubs, sports clubs and social clubs. In 1956 New South Wales was the first state to authorize gambling in Australia. The regulations for gambling are legalized by the states so they vary.

The Burswood Entertainment Complex is the only casino in Western Australia; it is a non-smoking business that offers gaming such as Keno, Video Poker and games which use dice, dominos, or balls. It does not allow the slot machines that have become popular in other parts of the country.

The city of Macau in China is famous for its clean casinos. The city’s revenue is based on casino gambling. This city is similar to Las Vegas in America and a lot of the casinos built in Macau are owned by the same Las Vegas casino owners.

Russia has legalized gambling, however the government has placed restrictions on where gambling can take place. The allowed regions are the Kaliningrad, the Altay republic, the Primorie and Krasnodar territory. At one time 120 casinos were open in Russia and slot machines were available in railroad stations and grocery stores. The government has closed them and is in process of relocating gambling to the four regions that have been approved.

The Paradise Casino located in Seoul, Korea offers slot machines, black jack tables and craps tables. In Singapore, South Asia regulations are in effect that limits each casino to 2,500 slot machines. This is making the slot machines very popular.

Slot machines are a form of entertainment in many places around the world. The next time you find yourself traveling, look around for a casino and you may find a new way to enjoy another country’s culture.