Common Slots Superstitions

A slot machine is merely a computer program that is designed to produce random symbols on a series of reels that may or may not result in a winning combination. Many slots fans assume that there is more to it than that, believing common slots superstitions will increase their chances of hitting a jackpot.

Below is a list of the most common slots superstitions. As silly or zany as some of them may seem, you would be surprised just how many slots fans apply these quirky superstitions to their slots game.

#1 Slot Superstition: On Your Feet, Soldier!

One common slots superstition is that you will have more luck playing the slots if you stand up rather than sitting down. If you’re playing an online casino, this shouldn’t present much problem, but most land-based casinos have their seats bolted to the floor. The theory is that if you get too comfortable, the slot machine will somehow know it, giving you a bad losing streak since you’re probably too comfortable to bother getting up for another slot.

#2 Slot Superstition: Get’m While They’re Hot!

Some slots players actually believe that a slot machine is more likely to hit a jackpot if you heat up your coins before inserting them into the slot machine. On the flip side, others insist that icing down the coins and inserting them cold is the key to winning. True or not, this common slots superstition is becoming harder to theorize since most live slots today take dollar bills only.

#3 Slot Superstition: Fresh Off The Presses!

This is perhaps the most common slots superstition, believed by almost every slots lover; new slot machines have better payout percentages. Slots players theorize that a casino will allow much higher payouts on a slot machine that was just introduced in the last few days. The casinos love this superstition because it keeps the seats filled on their newer slots, but the higher payout myth simply isn’t true.

#4 Slot Superstition: Location, Location, Location!

It is believed that playing a slot machine that is close to the entrance of the casino will offer looser payouts than those located in the middle, or in the back. This theory may actually hold a drop of water as some casinos will use the strategy of looser machines, as minimal as that looseness may be, to create a more exciting atmosphere for players just walking in the doors.

#5 Slot Superstition: Time Will Tell!

Probably the worst and most costly common slots superstition is that a machine has to hit the jackpot eventually. Yes, eventually it will, but eventually could be a week, a month, even a year down the line. Playing the same losing slot machine for hours straight is not going to guarantee a big payout before the night is over. The slot machine does not owe you anything, and will not reward your devotion.

#6 Slot Superstition: You Can’t See Me!

It’s funny how some slots players will actually avoid using their player’s club card because they think casino management will push a button and tell a slot machine to stop paying out if you’re “winning too much”. That’s just ridiculous. The slot machine is powered by a random number generator, and every spin of the reels really does present a random outcome. Yes, the casino can monitor your success by simply pulling up your club card on the computer, but there is no magic button to cut you off. The club card gets your play points, discounts and other perks that translate to free cash in your wallet – use it!