Online Slots Tournaments for Mac

If you are just finding out how fun it is to play slot machine games at Mac friendly online casinos, you will be tickled to learn about the great online slots tournaments that are available online for Mac players. An online slot tournament is just like slot tournament that you might find at a regular brick and mortar casino. Players will start with a certain amount of monies/credits and everyone in the tournament gets a set amount of time that they can play a certain slot machine (or specific variety of slot machines). Players all play until either they run out of credits, at which point their time will be marked, or the time runs out, at which time their current credits will be calculated. If no players make it to the end of the time limit, the player that stayed in the longest will win, with second and other prizes being given for the next highest times. However, if there is at least 1 or more players with a positive credit amount at the end of the allotted time, the player with the highest amount of positive credits will win.

Not long ago, slots tournaments just couldn’t be found at online casinos, of course, it hasn’t been too long since the first Mac friendly online casino was first introduced. Today, there are many online casinos that are not only Mac friendly by offering a no download, instant play software. When online casinos realized that they were leaving out a bunch of players by not providing Mac compatible software, they resolved that, soon after they realized that Mac casino players deserve the same ability to play slots tournaments that PC casino players get. The few first online casinos that offered Mac friendly software showed a huge boost in players, which made other online casinos a bit jealous. Jealousy between casinos is great for players because that means that they try to out do each other by trying to provide better specials for their online casino players. That is why you will find that there are not only many more Mac friendly casinos available on the web, but most offer some of the same great promotions that they offer to other players like slots tournaments and wider game variety.

Most slots tournaments that you will find at online casinos, including the Mac friendly online casinos, require you to buy in for a flat amount. You are then given what is considered play money to wager with. The real money buy in is totaled up and split amongst the paying places. Of course, there are some great online Mac friendly casinos that not only offer real money slots tournaments but offer great free roll slots tournaments. A free roll slots tournament means there is no buy in for you to pay in order for you to participate in the slots tournament. Even though there is no cash buy in for free roll slots tournaments, they usually have smaller cash prize pools or often times they offer entries into higher paying slots tournaments. If you love slots than slots tournaments might be right up your alley. They are tons of fun and available at nearly every Mac friendly online casino.