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You shouldn’t expect anything too earth-shattering on this page – we’re just a small group of Mac users who had trouble finding places to play online slots on our beloved iMacs and Macbooks.  In fact it’s mostly just me and my wife doing the writing for the most part.  We’ve asked for help from a small number of other Mac users that we know, getting them to test (double-checking) Mac compatible casinos, give us their opinions on their favorite Mac slots games online, and they’ve even written a couple of the articles you see on Mac Slots.  We’ve also enlisted the help of a few online casinos just to provide you with the best possible access to Mac slots games online.

My first experience with a Mac computer was in high school.  Our school had one of the most high-tech school based computer labs in the country at the time.  Looking back, it had about 20-25 Apple computers and three or four Microsoft machines.  Our school was strongly Mac biased, and so the first computer that I convinced the family to buy was a Mac – a Quadra 605 to be exact.

Our Quadra 605 was considered pretty sophisticated at the time, with a whopping 25 MHz, 4 megs of RAM, and a ‘massive’ 80 Gigabyte Megabyte hard drive.  Oh, and it didn’t have a CD slot…just a floppy drive for those old plastic disks.  But it got the job done.  My high school (and the University) reports were printed instead of written, and this machine even had a few simple yet rather colorful games…unlike our previous DOS/IBM machine that started up with a C:\ prompt.

Anyways, my love for the Mac machine started early on.  Now I’m an iMac lover and an iPhone addict.  My love for the Apple brand has collided with my love for casino games (slots, especially – where else can you deposit $25 and possibly win a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot?); and the result was this website.  I’ve also been playing online slots for years, my first deposit was in 2004 at the Superslots no-download casino.  Helping Mac users find online games is just something I figured I’d naturally be good at, so I hope you enjoy the site.

That’s about it – this site isn’t supposed to be all about us.  It’s about us helping you find the best Mac  slot games!  Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, or pretty much anything Mac online casino related :)