Monopoly Pass ‘Go’ Slot Machine Game

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Monopoly Slots Game

If you grew up playing the much adored childhood board game Monopoly and you love slot machine games, you are really going to love the fun and exciting, Monopoly Pass ‘Go’ slot machine game that is available at Mac Compatible Party Casino.

At Party Casino, they are always adding new bonus feature slot machine games to their line up like their great Monopoly Pass ‘Go’ bonus level slot. Another great thing about Party Casino is that they offer both a download and a no download, instant play software, so players using all kinds of operating systems, even Mac can play their great bonus slots like Monopoly.

Monopoly Pass ‘Go’ bonus slot is a 5 reel, 9 line bonus slot machine game that is available on both the PC and MAC, Party Casino software. The entire game is based around the well loved board game, Monopoly and the 2 different bonus levels that are offered are the Community Chest bonus level and the Pass Go bonus level.

The Community Chest bonus round can be activated by spinning up an instant bonus, blue, community chest symbol anywhere in reels 3, 4, or 5. You will then click the symbol (or choose one if there are multiple symbols) to determine your multiplier. Your total line bet will then be multiplied by whatever your multiplier was and that is your Community Chest bonus level win and it will be added to your total bank roll.

Monopoly slot bonus level

Monopoly Slot Bonus Level

The Pass ‘Go’ bonus level is activated by spinning up 3 or more of the dice symbols on any pay line that you have activated. Like the Community Chest bonus level, in the Pass ‘Go’ bonus level, you will need to pick one of your 3 or more dice. Whichever one you pick will roll and whatever number comes up will be the amount of rolls you will get (1-6). In the Pass ‘Go’ bonus level, it is just like you are playing regular Monopoly, only by yourself with a specific amount of rolls. Each space on the board will be worth a certain amount and the amount will increase each time you pass ‘Go’. There are a few different spaces that will do special things, if you land on a Chance space, you will be taken to a random space. If you land on free parking or the parking meter, you will win a nice prize. If you land in jail, you will be taken to the jail bonus feature where you can win a multiplier to add to your bonus win. Click here to play Monopoly Slots at Party Casino Online.